Cyberspace EDGE-ON Mission File #1 by Terry Amthor ICE #5102 New!

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    ICE #5102 Cyberspace EDGE-ON Mission File #1 by Terry Amthor (1990) New!

    Rank sewage oozes through the gutters of dark but familiar alleyways, while insect-zapping neon reflects from stagnant pools of oil-slick filth.

    Assaulted by the cloying, sour battery of smells, you know you're home on the streets of civilisation's penultimate nightmare: the Sprawl. But home means safety - a relative term after all - and a base of operations once the sun slips away. From these lonesome and destitute beginnings, legends are born. And it's time you started working on yours, sprawlkid.

    1 feeling which overtakes a person in imminent mortal danger; 
    2 rush of fear & excitement brought on by the activation of an Adrenal Booster.
    - The Random House Electronic Dictionary 2089 Edition

    This Cyberventure Mission File provides all you need to run four complete Cyberspace adventures from the Pacific Sprawl to an off-shore drilling platform to the Amazon rainforest. You'll find sample player characters with full equipment listings, mission briefings, Gamemaster information, NPC dossiers, and all the schematics you'll need for each of the following four scenarios:

    Network 69 Takes The Fall: Channel 32 needs their competitor's new fall program line-up and the players need 32's cash.
    Ward, I'm Worried ...: Players prowl the streets of San Francisco, searching for a renowned Computer Technician - and his kidnappers.
    Safety Violations: Okira plans a hit on New Edison and it's the players who wind up holding the bag of ... of explosives, that is.
    Unscheduled Layover: A trip to Rio leads to unforeseen danger and intrigue in the depths of South America.

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