Dungeon Crawl Classics The Forgotten Portal #58 Chris Doyle 2008 1st Printing

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    Hidden deep in the heart of the Southlands, where the jungles steam and life is won and lost at the end of blade, is a hidden tomb -- the final resting place of a mighty Xulmec warrior. Here, amid terrible monsters and savage natives, the heroes must make a stand against a horror from another age. Can the heroes lift the bloody curse that plagues the people of Teputzitoloc? Or will they upset the sacred balance, bringing down the wrath of the gods? Only the most cunning and courageous of adventurers will survive the Forgotten Portal. This world-neutral adventure can be used alone or to launch a campaign in the epic fantasy world of Áereth.


    Enjoy this fantasy RPG adventure module fully compatible with D&D 4e, and easily adapted to other systems. Published by Goodman Games.

    - $9.99

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