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    Set: World Championship Decks 1998
    Type: Card
    Rarity: Common
    Collect All Four World Championship Decks

    Relive the excitement of the 1998 World Championships with these four commemorative decks.

    Brian Selden, World Champion— World Champion Brian Selden's deck conquered the field by using Survival of the Fittest to put creatures into the graveyard and Recurring Nightmare to bring them back into play. The deck employs more than twenty creatures and dips into blue or Lobotomy.

    Ben Rubin, Finalist— Ben Rubin's archetypal red weenie deck took him all the way to the World Championship Finals. This aggressive Sligh deck consists of roughly equal parts direct damage, aggressive creatures, and land.

    Brian Hacker, Quarterfinalist— Brian Hacker's white weenie deck rolled over competitors with more than twenty aggressive creatures. This horde relies on creatures with shadow and the en-Kor to overwhelm the unprepared, with the threat of Cataclysm looming large.

    Randy Buehler, Twelveth Place— Randy Buehler's Draw, Go deck is pure control, with over twenty counterspells and eight card-drawing engines to dig them out. The deck's offense is limited to Stalking Stones and a Rainbow Efreet, but the best offense is often a killer defense.

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