2003 World Championship Advertisement Card
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    Set: World Championship Decks
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    Collect All Four World Championship Decks
    Relive the excitement of the 2003 World Championships with these four commemorative decks.

    Daniel Zink — World Champion
    Daniel Zink's white-blue-green "Wake" deck is a control deck at heart. Once the powerful enchantment Mirari's Wake is in play, the deck produces more mana, draws more cards, counters more spells, and makes more Soldiers than opponents can possibly handle.
    Dave Humpherys — Semifinalist
    Dave "The Hump" Humpherys' blue-green deck combines the many madness cards from the Torment set, including Basking Rootwalla, Arrogant Wurm, and Circular Logic, with discard-enablers like Aquamoeba and Wild Mongrel for tremendous.
    Peer Kroger — Quarterfinalist
    Hometown hero Peer Kroger's "Reanimator" deck was a nightmare for his opponents! This black-red deck excels at putting scary monsters into the graveyard and then bringing them into play.
    Wolfgang Eder — Quarterfinalist
    Wolfgang Eder introduced the black-red "Goblin Bidding" deck to the world at the European Championships. The typical Goblin hoard deck gets an incredible midgame play in Patriarch's Bidding, which brings every Goblin in the graveyard back into play.

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