Really Loud Librarians

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    Number of Players: 2+

    Playing Time: 20 Minutes

    Recommended Ages: 8+

    In This Game, Your Useless Knowledge Will Win You Useful Points

    Think fast, not hard in this merciless word-shouting board game. Start by drawing a category card. Your team will then shout words from that category that begin with the letter on the race track. Move along the track every time you get a word right and race against your opponents to win. This is a simple game for versatile occasions. Play it as a two-player game for a casual night-in or bring it along as a party game for big groups.

    Really Loud Librarians comes with:

    • 1 Game Board
    • 60 Category Cards
    • 2 Librarians
    • 20 Letter Tiles
    • 14 Tokens
    • 2 Score Markers
    • 1 Chain
    • 1 Timer

    Plus, one instruction manual that you will probably skim.

    - $23.95

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