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    The Rifter® Number Seventy-Eight

    This issue offers mystery, festering secrets and darkness, villains and adventure. Not to mention dangerous magicks and immortality. The stuff of adventure and unchained imagination.

    Rifter® #78 Highlights:

    • The Modern Necromancer suitable for use with Nightbane®, Heroes Unlimited™, Ninjas & Superspies™, Chaos Earth®, The Three Galaxies™ and other settings, by Greg Diaczyk and Kevin Siembieda. Includes notable Necromancer tactics, dark magic, mummies, zombies and immortality (if you are willing to pay the price).
    • Palladium Fantasy RPG®: City of Khemennu, Part Two – The conclusion of a city adventure setting and source material by Ian Herbert. More wonderful information and adventure hooks for this new, exotic location to send your player group. Includes the 18 cosmic gods, notable sects, people, and adventure ideas.
    • Splicers® – The Aftermath of I Am Legion, by Chris Kluge and Charles Walton II – “official” source material. Is Legion dead? Could she have survived? And if she did, what comes next? This final chapter provides answers to those question, along with new Random Amalgam Creation Tables and secrets about Legion revealed.
    • Rifts®: The Nexus Zone, by Carl Gleba. Learn about the Nexus Zone, an area of devastation, danger, and off the charts magic energy. Nexus points that are so powerful and unstable they cannot be easily contained.
    • News, coming attractions, product descriptions and more.
    • 96 pages of adventure and fun waiting for you.

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