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    The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color. Volumes in this series are squareboud, 8-1/2 x 11, 60-pgs full color on quality paper stock. Each a fitting tribute to the Carl Barks duck legacy of great comics story telling. Cover art by Carl Barks, all story scripts and art by Barks. In this issue: stories from WDC&S 170-174. "Donald Duck Rants About Ants"; The nephews get an ant farm. "The Too Safe Safe"; Gyro attempts to help Uncle Scrooge protect his money bin. Letters from the Duck Man, Part Eight: Voices From Abroad article by Geoffrey Blum; Barks' responses to foreign fan letters. "Search for the Cuspidora"; Uncle Scrooge attempts to salavage the Cuspidoria. "New Year's Revolutions"; Donald and the nephews attempt to force each other to break their New Year's resolutions. "Worst Class Mail"; Donald gets a job delivering mail with an iceboat. 60 pgs., full color. Cover price $8.95.

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