The Replacements - Unsuitable For Airplay: The Lost KFAI Concert (2x Vinyl LP)

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    A1 Careless
    A2 Takin A Ride
    A3 Trouble Boys
    A4 Hangin Downtown
    A5 Like You
    A6 Off Your Pants
    A7 Get Lost
    B1 Excuse Me
    B2 Customer
    B3 I Wanna Be Loved
    B4 Mistake
    B5 My Town
    B6 Shiftless When Idle
    C1 Oh Baby
    C2 I'm In Trouble
    C3 Johnny's Gonna Die/All By Myself
    C4 More Cigarettes
    C5 Otto
    C6 Don't Ask Why
    D1 Slow Down
    D2 Somethin To Dü
    D3 Love You Till Friday
    D4 Raised In The City
    D5 Rattlesnake
    D6 All Day And All Of The Night
    D7 I Hate Music
    D8 Shutup

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