Christmas Staff Picks

Christmas Staff Picks

by Gordon Mood Alejandro Jodorowsky, Christmas, Gift Ideas, Jigsaw Puzzles

Carol She loves jigsaw puzzles! Especially ones with cats! Check out our great selection of jigsaw puzzles, we even have ones without cats!  Matt Matt invites you to check out the fantastical world of Alejandro Jodorowsky in graphic novels! Many of these stories started out in Heavy Metal magazine and collaborations with artists such as Moebius. He was originally set to direct the first adaptation of Dune before they ultimately chose David Lynch. (There is even a documentary, Jodorowsky’s Dune) One could say that Jodorowsky is the Salvador Dali of the comic book world. Mature readers only. Mention this post and get 20% off these items, in store only.   Jamie Jamie wants you to check out our vinyl selection! It’s a small, but mighty selection of new and used vinyl! Vinyl really does sound better! Mention these staff pick posts to get 20% off those picks! Also just in, swe have new tote bags, perfect size for records ($3 each or free with a $100 purchase).


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