Modern Horizon 2 Set Review

by L.A. Mood Comics and Games

Welcome to our first Magic set Review.

By Matt Finch

Modern Horizons 2

My quick 2 cents this is gas. This set will be one of the best all time sets. It has everything you want in a set multi format staples, flashy foils and great commander cards.

On to the list. This list is what I think are the 10 best cards in the set for Modern.

#10 Glimpse of Tomorrow

Cascading into free spells are always super powerful. There will be a modern deck cascading this into Eldrazi and the like.

#9 Solitary Confinement

This is one of those card that a lot of decks will have a hard time dealing with. There will be a g/w enchantress shell or control deck with this.

#8 Abundant Harvest

Basically green ponder.

#7 Territorial Kavu/ Scion of Draco

Domain Zoo is back. Kavu is potentially a 5/5 on turn 2. Dont know how many scions will be played but its effect is powerful.

#6 Elementals

What can you say but free spells are good. These plus ephemerate will cause many bad beat stories. All 5 of these will see some level of play.

#5 The engine cards General Ferrous/ Asmoran

General is one of the most pushed creatures. Super hard to kill and makes his own army. Asmoran can definitely take over a game. On a stream I watched her kill an Emrakul.

#4 Ingnoble Hierarch

Boomer magic all star.

#3 Shardless Agent.

Instantly made Living End one of the best decks in the format and will spawn many decks.

#2 Counterspell

Control deck all star.  Make me want to rebuild Fairies

#1 Esper Sentinel

This card will see play in every single format.

Bonus Round.

Best commander card.

One of the best token spawning cards ever.

Top 3 Best Art.

#3 Serra's Emissary



Funniest card in the set.

You can just imagine drunken caveman escapades.


Hardest card for me to evaluate.

I know this card is super powerful but dont now where it goes.


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